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It’s not you, it’s them

What do you look for in an EDI partner? Sometimes what you need is not what you get. Find a partner that supports your success.

You need...

Recognized market leader

Awarded IDC MarketScape for Multi-Enterprise Supply Chain Commerce Networks Leader[1]

SPS removed from latest IDC report as a recommended vendor to evaluate

Scalable platform

Self-service or fully managed platform to support the needs of any size company

Does not scale people, processes and technologies to support changing business needs

Value add applications

Supports procurement processes with a comprehensive suite of SaaS applications

Offers a limited catalogue solution and basic, PS-driven analytics reporting

Network size

Largest pre-connected, global cross-industry community of 1.1M trading partners

Connects 500K trading partners, mainly focused on NA region

Find your scalable full-service EDI solution

Traditionally, there are two routes to EDI compliance: feature-limited solutions, such as SPS Commerce Fulfillment, or extensive solutions with more capabilities than needed.

OpenText™ offers what others cannot—a better choice. Unlike SPS and other competitors, OpenText offers a scalable full-service EDI solution to fit the unique needs of every size company. When it comes to EDI services, OpenText is the only future-proof choice that scales globally.

Business impacts

  • Increased visibility and insight

    Retail organizations need transparency to verify their data is correct. However, SPS Fulfillment Tracker is unable to combine analytics with EDI. Leverage best-in-class visibility tools to drive continuous benefit.

  • Customized solutions

    Organizations need scalable EDI compliance solutions that adapt to their needs. SPS only offers basic catalog and analytics-based products. Get a full suite of solutions to improve order accuracy, digitize paper transactions and automate processes.

  • Responsive customer support

    Organizations need customer support for their unique concerns. With a shared-service model and few EDI experts, SPS lacks the expertise and bandwidth for full-service support. Get superior customer support that keeps business running.

  • Support high growth

    Organizations need to grow globally. Constrained to North America, SPS cannot support international expansion and enterprise-level complexity. Switch to an EDI provider with the largest global network for international support and scalability.

Key benefits

A global company with global support, OpenText is more than just a retail EDI network. It stands above SPS with the visibility, customer support and flexibility to meet any B2B and EDI integration need.

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    Increase flexibility

    Equip B2B/EDI integration environments with the flexibility to quickly change direction in the face of disruption.

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    Add agility

    Scale integration resources according to business and market condition requirements.

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    Ease integration management

    Connect external transaction flows to internal business systems to ensure important customer information gets where it is needed.

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    Improve business decisions

    Uncover the insights for data-driven decisions to improve supply chain deliverables, such as on-time delivery and reduced DSO.

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    Create efficient B2B operations

    Increase productivity and efficiency with an integrated B2B/EDI environment that offers a suite of optional cloud-first applications customized to business needs.

Why customers choose OpenText

Learn why leading companies trust OpenText over SPS Commerce.

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OpenText offers a choice of solutions for Scalable B2B Integration.

Professional Services

OpenText Consulting Services combines end-to-end solution implementation with comprehensive technology services to help improve systems.

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  1. [1]2021 IDC MarketScape, 2021