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OpenText is committed to maximizing your technology investment by effectively leveraging and enhancing the OpenText ECM Suite of Products and Solutions. Our comprehensive learning services are designed to meet the needs of all of the various roles within the organization. Whether you are a business user, a technical expert or a developer, our goal is to help you to develop both the technical know-how and the creative vision it takes to meet your most demanding business challenges.

OpenText employs a blended approach to learning combining instructor-led training, consultative education support, virtual learning environments and well-defined programs for different roles. Watch our Learning Delivery Methods video or click on the tabs below to learn more about our Service Offerings.


  • Instructor Led Training
  • Self Paced Training
  • Training Packages

Instructor Led Training

Virtual Classroom

In a virtual classroom, various communication channels are available for the live interaction between the participants and trainer. These involve voice, instant messaging, status icons, question & answer chat and webcam (optionally, for live video).

Using a Virtual Classroom provides various benefits:

  • ·Bring together participants from different geographical locations.
  • ·No expenses for travel, hotel & training facilities.
  • ·Suitable for training deliverables on short notice (i.e. short modules for a small topic).
  • ·All types of digital media can be integrated (videos, podcasts, screen capture, animations, PowerPoint etc).
  • ·Interaction between participants & instructor via application sharing.
  • ·Participants can work with software on systems that are not locally available.

For more information about Virtual Classroom training, please review this vLearning Fact Sheet, or contact us.To review our offerings, please see the Course Catalogue.

** Please note that Virtual Classroom start and end times are dependent upon region, please be sure to review your Training Registration emails carefully for this information, or contact us to confirm the time for specific Virtual classes.

Public Classroom Training

Get individualized, hands-on training at one of our world-wide training and educational facilities. The format is in a lecture/lab setting, with an emphasis on hands-on learning.

All of our training facilities are equipped with Windows-based PC workstations, Internet connections and state of the art projection systems to ensure the highest quality learning environment for our students.

Click here to find upcoming courses in your region or review the Course Catalogue.

On-site Private Classes

Our qualified OpenText Technical Educators can provide training at your site. We can even customize courses to focus on your organization's business processes.

On Site Learning - Quick Facts

  • Preparation
  • Prior to the instructor's arrival, customers must prepare a classroom and ensure that the appropriate technical set up is complete. A classroom preparation checklist will be provided to assist your staff. Or, the Technical Educator can provide a server with the required software installed for training purposes.
  • Participation
  • Classes held at customer's sites are subject to a maximum of ten students. Depending on the length of the class, the instructor can hold multiple sessions of the class to accommodate more students.
  • Materials
  • Course and workshop manuals are provided to each participant for all programs, along with handouts and disks where appropriate.

Review the Learning Services Fact Sheet for more information on public and onsite training classes or contact us.

Self Paced Learning

“Learn what you need, when you need, where you need...”

Many organizations work in a dispersed environment and traditional classroom training sessions may incur prohibitive travel costs and/or scheduling conflicts. OpenText Learning Services offers a number of eLearning programs making it easy for your employees to get the training they need to work more effectively with OpenText Solutions.

Training is vital to user communities to support them in adopting new technologies and processes in a timely manner. Experience tells us that in many organizations the costs and time involved in providing user-level training for their community exceeds the time and budget available to them.

Scheduling employees to attend instructor-led training can be challenging; training needs to be timely and relevant to participants to ensure retention. eLearning is designed to be available to your user community from their desktop anytime 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There is no need to schedule time away from daily activities or incur travel expenses.

The Solution

OpenText’s methodology and approach to eLearning courseware development incorporates the following:

  • Show Me
  • Tell Me
  • Let Me Try
  • Quiz Me

Our solution utilizes a mixture of photographic and illustrated imagery, animations, software simulations and audio components to impart the training’s learning objectives. It was developed as a means to support the ‘average’ user in their need to perform various activities within the Livelink ECM environment. Due to the nature of eLearning, the offerings have been designed such that a user can work through the tasks in 2 hours or less. Typically a user is no more than 3 clicks away from a topic, and all topics are available from the main menu.

Our eLearning offerings were developed to reflect the industry standard of the “80/20 rule” of software use. Industry studies have determined that 80% of users take advantage of 20% of the functionality of any software package.

To review our eLearning offerings, visit the Course Catalogue.

For more information on eLearning at OpenText, please review this eLearning Fact Sheet, or contact us.


Training Packages

Learning Services Days

Learning Services Days make planning and managing your training budget a breeze while reducing the overall cost. Available in volume packs and valid for one year, LS Days are the perfect way to map out an annual training plan for your teams and effortlessly track their progress. No more scrambling to accommodate ‘last-minute’ training requests and Purchase Order headaches, with Learning Services Days you’re always ready to register. And best of all, these benefits come with a discounted price!

For more information, please review the LS Days Fact Sheet or contact us.

Training Consulting

We offer Custom Curriculums, Floorwalking, Training Requirements Assessments and promote User Enablement through various services.

Custom Curriculum 

OpenText can customize any educational programs to meet your specific business needs.

Customized training and curriculum allows your employees to transfer what they learn with focused training sessions and apply that knowledge to your existing systems immediately, rather than spending time translating what they have learned from standard course offerings.

Our dedicated curriculum developers create learning programs that leverage our existing knowledge and materials to support your custom implementation and the unique needs of your employees and your business.

We help you tie the training we deliver to your company's strategic business goals by providing two key benefits:

  • Training employees on new concepts instead of training in areas where they are already proficient
  • Training employees on 'high-impact' skills that affect your bottom line.

By working with your team, we will create customized hands-on curriculum designed to meet the needs of your employees.

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Floorwalking is designed to augment your project team in software pilot and go-live implementation scenarios.  This service consists of having an experienced training consultant on-site who can assist and instruct your employees at their desks.

It can be supplementary to classroom courses and workshops and provides immediate answers to user questions and issues.  Floorwalking is particularly effective in aiding end users when they interact with new software. They are able to ask questions with no concerns of being in front of a group. This helps to build user confidence and expertise, as well as helping to lighten the support requirements on your IT staff during key project phases.

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Training Requirements Assessment 

The OpenText Training Requirements Assessment (TRA) assesses the various aspects of your ECM implementation to identify learning needs and criteria and to recommend training that's specific to your users’ needs. This assessment is a crucial stage in the education and user adoption process.

The Training Requirements Assessment will accelerate:

  • Improved user adoption, by providing executive sponsors, managers, users and administrators with the business context and benefits of the application (strategic) and clear learning paths beyond the initial setup and deployment to business units (tactical). Improved user adoption increases ROI and allows the Customer to truly take advantage of the process and business gains offered by our products.
  • Less time (and costs) to train and to prepare training. Acquiring specific and detailed learning objectives for each of the learning community groups reduces the time to develop and deliver training.
  • Reduce reliance on help desk support staff. With an improved level of knowledge in the day-to-day use of the tools, a reduction in technical support, while encouraging the accurate use of our software can be anticipated.
  • Ensure a healthy, secure ECM environment by providing your knowledge managers, trainers and system administrators with the right training to use your new tools effectively.
  • Improved quality and value of information. Users that understand the value of the system (educated in both the benefits and the 'how to') will store and extend information that is valuable.

For more information please review this TRA Fact Sheet.

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User Enablement 

It is key to every software roll-out project that the users find the new software easy to use, that they recognize their advantages and rapidly feel comfortable with the new environment. We support the change management process to drive user adoption with various methods.

In addition to the regular course schedule, we offer a variety of consulting services to optimize your learning efforts and accelerate user adoption. These services include the following:

Training Requirements Assessment (TRA)

Designed to identify the training needs of those employees who work with and support OpenText Solutions, the TRA delivers:

  • An analysis of your Livelink ECM user community;
  • Approach, strategy and methodology for training identified user communities;
  • Training Plan and Schedule.

Custom Curriculum

Every IT solution has its own business needs. OpenText Learning Services can help to optimize curriculum so that you receive best-practice education. Let the Content Experts™ create learning programs that leverage existing knowledge and material to fit the unique needs of your business.

Coaching and Rollout

During the roll-out phase change management is a challenge. OpenText Learning Services can help – whether you need short ‘refresher’ training sessions, half-day workshops, floor walking, intense coaching at users’ desks or roll-out project management. Additionally, OpenText Learning Services create “How To …” reference guides and other end-user materials; these are important tools to help motivate people to ‘buy-in’ to your upcoming changes.



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