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It’s our goal to be Earth’s most customer-centric company, where customers can find and discover anything at

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Founded in 1995 Amazon has been dedicated to building the best online shopping experience in the world and finding success through customer obsession and dedication to delivering the highest standards. In addition, at Amazon Fashion:

  • We believe fashion is for everyone.
  • We believe the world has changed and the old rules don't apply.
  • We believe our customers have a voice that should be heard.
  • We believe we can—and should—reinvent how people shop for apparel and fashion accessories.
Program contact

Natisha Green

Inside Sales Executive

Staying true to these standards and philosophies Amazon Fashion has teamed with OpenText to provide you with resources and information to facilitate your data synchronization with

We believe that automating item setup and product data updates will deliver time savings and facilitate operational excellence for our vendors.

As Amazon Fashion begins the adoption of extended attributes, we are our committed to providing regular communication and training to ensure that your teams understand how to manage an extended attribute exchange.

Amazon’s Product Classification Requirement update: Effective November 1, 2015 Amazon will require product classification data in the form of GS1 Global Product Classification (GPC). This information must be included alongside the Extended Attributes entered to OpenText for our system to accept the newly entered products. Please see below for additional information on Amazon’s GS1 GPC checklist.

Amazon’s Extended Attributes and Image Initiative Update: Effective November 1st, 2015 Extended Attributes and Images will be required 8 weeks prior to first delivery of new products.

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