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Improve decision making with embedded self-service reports and dashboards

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See how OpenText Magellan BI & Reporting enables data-driven decisions with actionable visual insights

OpenText™ Magellan™ BI & Reporting seamlessly embeds insightful interactive self-service reports and dashboards into enterprise applications to increase their value and improve data-driven decision-making. Magellan BI & Reporting offers IT teams BI reporting software capabilities, such as embeddability, security, and scalability. Business roles get quick access to actionable visual insights with a simple UI.

Why choose OpenText Magellan BI & Reporting?

  • Unmatched data visualization embeddability

    Integrate rich interactive business intelligence reports and dashboards that are highly secure into cloud and legacy applications.

  • Unparalleled customizations

    Leverage thousands of APIs to extend BI reports and dashboards and meet business workflow, integration, and BI authoring requirements.

  • Information insights across global workforces

    Scale linearly to enable hundreds of thousands of users to securely access BI reporting from any device at the right time within their workflows.

How Magellan BI & Reporting can benefit business

Discover the advantages of using Magellan BI & Reporting.

  • Improve decision making icon

    Improve decision making

    Use in-context business intelligence reporting, that leverages expanded data from OpenText™ Magellan™ AI and text mining, for data-driven decisions across the organization.

  • Achieve significant time savings icon

    Achieve significant time savings

    Provide interactive business intelligence reports and dashboards that reduce the complexity and time to gather and interpret information across systems and workflows.

  • Increase IT efficiency icon

    Increase IT efficiency

    Accelerate embeddability with an API-first architecture and provide self-service BI reporting capabilities to remote and onsite business users.

  • Boost productivity icon

    Boost productivity

    Evaluate the impact of BI-based decisions on organizational performance with embedded self-service analytics that democratize data.

  • Reduce costs icon

    Reduce costs

    Eliminate the costs associated with manual reporting and replace outdated disparate BI tools that increase maintenance costs with a single BI and reporting solution.

  • Accelerate time to value icon

    Accelerate time to value

    Drive value faster with an API-rich architecture that fast-tracks business intelligence software integration and increases the value of existing applications.


  • Comprehensive integration APIs

    Embeds highly interactive reports and dashboards into any application using modern, standards-based APIs.

  • Flexible and extensible report authoring

    Meets almost any BI reporting requirement with drag-and-drop functionality, business logic tools, data connectors, and a broad set of visualization options, such as charts, graphs, and crosstabs to simplify data interpretation.

  • Highly interactive reports and dashboards

    Enables all users to drill down into business intelligence reporting visualizations and applies relevant filters, sorting, grouping, and more.

  • Self-service business intelligence

    Provides intuitive, in-context, drag and drop, WYSIWYG self-service BI capabilities so business users can easily find answers and insights and develop presentation-quality reports and dashboards.

  • Enterprise grade scalability and security

    Scales to serve hundreds of thousands of users with intuitive, highly interactive business intelligence reports and dashboards.

  • Native integration with Magellan AI Platform

    Integrates OpenText Magellan AI and text mining components to extract business intelligence reporting insights from unstructured content and big data.

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