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Create customers for life with OpenText Experience Cloud

The OpenText™ Experience Cloud platform integrates experiences, media, communications, messaging, and data for customer experience management in one cohesive platform. Enabling organizations to seamlessly personalize experiences and communications, deliver relevant engagement, and optimize the customer journey, OpenText helps maximize revenue, improve operations, and create customers for life.

How OpenText Experience Cloud can benefit business

Discover the advantages of Experience Cloud.

  • Accelerate digital transformation at the right pace

    Break down technology and business silos to modernize and augment tech stacks through a composable digital experience platform.

  • Build loyalty that drives revenue

    Create relevant, content-based experiences delivered through the right channel, at the right time to drive greater loyalty and customer lifetime value.

  • Optimize operations with CEM solutions

    Automate and streamline operations using artificial intelligence and machine learning in marketing, customer service, and communications.

  • Create engaging experiences across the entire customer lifecycle

    Provide consistent multi-experiences across the entire customer lifecycle, from acquisition to retention, and across all channels and touchpoints.

  • Gain actionable customer insights

    Understand customer behaviors and emotions to continuously improve experiences, communications, and the customer journey.

  • Increase brand and content relevancy

    Personalize anonymous and authenticated experiences and communications to drive higher conversion rates and customer satisfaction.

Featured products

Experience Cloud helps organizations deliver relevant, efficient omnichannel customer experiences. Exceed customer expectations and optimize operations by tailoring the platform for internal and external use cases, authenticated and anonymous experiences, and more.


Create, manage, and deliver B2C, B2B, and B2E headless experiences through all digital channels, such as websites, apps, and kiosks.

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Create, manage, and deliver personalized, omnichannel and relevant business and customer communications.

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Personalization and orchestration

Tailor experiences and communications using audience and data analytics to increase relevancy and conversion rates across the entire customer journey.

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Create, collaborate, organize, search and reuse rich digital media, such as video, images, 3D and audio files, to deliver rich experiences and communications.

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Data and Insights

Break down silos, understand data and unlock customer insights to improve customer experience quality and increase revenues.

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Why choose Experience Cloud?

  • Best-of-breed composable, modular platform

    Augment existing technology stacks with the components needed to meet customer and business needs, whether a full platform, capabilities bundle, an application, or CEM services.

  • Unmatched extensibility

    Get an unmatched native portfolio of plug-and-play solutions that integrates with industry-consolidated technology leaders to leverage a full breadth of functionality.

  • Complete customer experience journey

    Deliver consistent customer experience solutions and break down silos across the entire customer journey, from acquisition to engagement to retention (customer service).

  • Run-anywhere capabilities

    Get the flexibility to deploy on both public and private clouds as well as off-cloud with managed services, including deployment, support, and management, in one end-to-end SLA.

Leaders trust OpenText

See how customers are succeeding with Experience Cloud.

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