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Customer onboarding processes are often complex and time-consuming, involving many stakeholders and systems, both within and outside the organization. The various processes and systems create silos that make it difficult to obtain a 360-degree view of all the documents, correspondence and records related to a customer.

OpenText™ Customer Onboarding solutions ease the onboarding experience by connecting information for a comprehensive customer view.

Key benefits

Impact business and achieve better results.

  • Reduce onboarding cost

    Digitize and automate onboarding processes to decrease manual data entry and workflow intervention and free up team resources.

  • Increase customer satisfaction

    Create trust and confidence throughout the onboarding experience to increase customer retention and loyalty.

  • Increase the value of existing customers

    Leverage existing customer information to fuel targeted upsell and cross sell opportunities that resonate and motivate.

  • Enhance compliance

    Automate security, privacy and retention rule application to ensure customer information complies with all corporate and industry regulations.

Business impacts

  • Improve acquisition efficiencies

    It’s often a challenge to aggregate information needed to quickly welcome customers. Digitizing processes and integrating siloes means relevant information is instantly available to reduce time-to-purchase, abandonment rates and associated costs.
  • Enhance customer experience

    Disconnected information siloes and slow, error-prone manual processes make it impossible to provide a clean, simple onboarding experience. Automate mundane and repetitive tasks to speed throughput and instill customer confidence and trust.

  • Streamline processes

    Manual processes can no longer keep up with the volumes and permutations of modern customer interaction. Leverage content services technology to connect functions and automatically trigger responsive actions.
  • Maximize the capture process

    Critical information can be bypassed in traditional capture if it’s not identified. Intelligent capture analyzes all forms of structured and unstructured content, applies classification rules and automatically triggers next steps.

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