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Semiconductor & Electronics – Enterprise Application Access Solutions

OpenText™ Connectivity solutions can help unleash the value of your Electronic Design Automation (EDA) infrastructure by providing a global secure collaborative environment where engineers can achieve their maximum potential.

3D Modelization and Visualization
As organizations continue to integrate 3D technologies into their design process, they need an EDA application delivery solution that can handle the challenges and technical constraints of letting engineers access these newer, richer and more complex designs. OpenText solutions extend the reach of 3D applications to remote locations with high-quality screen rendering providing engineers with accurate view of the design.

EDA Application Delivery
With OpenText, infrastructure costs are reduced through significantly smaller bandwidth requirements and ability to consolidate application servers in a single location. In addition, engineers experience productivity boosts by protecting against unexpected failures, reducing user's downtime and allowing for more flexible control over time-consuming tasks such as simulation.

Remote Workforce
With employees dispersed across geographies and office locations, it is critical to provide every engineer a reliable, best-of-breed, collaborative access to the EDA environment. OpenText Connectivity solutions enable organizations to securely and reliably deliver the most complex line of business applications to thousands of enterprise users regardless of their location.