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OpenText™ Core Share for SAP® Solutions SAP collaboration software

Leverage secure file sharing and collaboration within SAP business processes

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OpenText Core Share for SAP Solutions overview

See how cloud-based SAP collaboration software enables SAP business processes

OpenText™ Core Share for SAP® Solutions helps SAP customers securely access and share content and files within an internal or external business process to collaborate with customers, vendors and partners outside the firewall.

As an SAP certified cloud app, Core Share for SAP Solutions facilitates secure yet seamless content sharing directly from within SAP platforms, apps and processes familiar to SAP users. This results in productivity and process efficiencies across the organization, while access controls ensure document integrity from beginning to end.


OpenText Core Share for SAP Solutions features

  • ECM integration

    Easily integrates with OpenText™ Extended ECM for SAP® Solutions to share content in the Cloud and ensure all parties work with the latest version, whether collaborating in the cloud or on-premises.

  • Comprehensive security at each layer

    Allows users to configure and automatically enforce global sharing policies. Includes the ability to set access control, file encryption, SSO, 2FA and secure OpenText data center use.

  • IT and administrative control

    Empowers IT to set user accounts and permissions for complete control over employee, customer and partner content sharing and offers administrator dashboards with visibility into user access.

  • Microsoft Office 365 integration

    Integrates with all Microsoft Office applications to share and store files without moving between applications and files. Users can create Microsoft documents in Core Share and share in real time.

  • Multiple device support

    Leverages SAP collaboration software to share and access documents from any device, mobile, desktop or laptop, whether working remotely, on-premises or a hybrid of the two.

OpenText Core Share for SAP Solutions benefits

  • Improve productivity and process efficiencies

    Expedite content driven SAP business processes from conception and collaboration through to approval.

  • Secure document sharing workflows

    Work within the existing Extended ECM system to eliminate the risk of exposing business-critical data and maintain compliance with security regulations.

  • Encourage user adoption

    Promote easier and more efficient file sharing processes for users to work within the existing SAP systems with which they are comfortable.

  • Deploy quickly with SaaS

    Leverage a certified SAP app to accelerate implementation timelines while maintaining admin control throughout the process and the ability to scale as needed.

  • Facilitate remote work and return-to-work

    Engage external parties in collaborative business processes with the flexibility to adapt to changing work models and market demands.

ATCO Australia logo

“With OpenText Cloud Managed Services, we no longer have to maintain infrastructure, and we no longer have to worry about upgrades and patches. Essentially, we’re using a service to access our documents in a document management system, but we don’t have to look after it ourselves. In the past, we had to constantly be upgrading it, applying patches, replacing hardware, infrastructure, and so on. The hassle of maintaining IT infrastructure is gone.”

Chris Marshall, General Manager IT, ATCO Australia

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Waikato Regional Council logo

“The OpenText content services platform has improved functionality and offers users a better experience and more options. We have the right information at the right time to make the right decision.”

Joanne Bell, Information Management Team Leader, Waikato Regional Council

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Pacific Life Insurance Company logo

“Our vision is to deliver and support effective and efficient content management across the enterprise while allowing for business unit flexibility. With OpenText, our team works much more effectively because we have the program, services, and strategy along with the technology.”

Riley McIntosh, Manager for Enterprise Content Management, Pacific Life

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ECMWF logo

“We have implemented Core Share with the aim of visibility and transparency for ECMWF and our contactors”

Mithat Ersoy, Senior System Analyst, ECMWF

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