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OpenText Information Extraction Service (IES) for SAP Solutions

A robust document capture solution to efficiently capture any type of incoming information, powered by a patent-pending machine learning algorithm to fully automate the process of capturing data.

Watch an overview of OpenText Information Extraction Service (IES) for SAP Solutions

What is a data capturing solution?

Digital is an imperative today but recent research indicates that up to 80% of business-to-business communications still use unstructured or semi-structured documents. Invoices, sales orders, confirmations, statements and a multitude of additional business-critical document types are either attached to emails or printed and mailed. The recipients manually classify the content and intent, capture data and initiate
a business process.

Continuing to manually input information does not allow organizations to fully reap the benefits of SAP solutions that are built for speed and can lead to delays in key business process and, ultimately, lost revenue.

Data capturing solutions offer a better way.

OpenText Information Extraction Service (IES) for SAP Solutions overview

OpenText™ Information Extraction Service (IES) for SAP® Solutions can fully automate the digitization of any incoming SAP related document.

Combining machine learning with an invoice knowledgebase, Information Extraction Service dramatically improves recognition quality. The solution is able to learn complex table structures, allowing for higher automation rates based on better data.

Information Extraction Service offers a more agile approach to capture. The solution maintains and stores all configurations within SAP, coordinating everything in one place to simplify the digitization of processes.

Document Capture software features

  • Seamless integration with SAP

    The solution works and is fully administrated through the SAP interface. Information Extraction Service is fully accessible from the SAP UI and learns from every change made in SAP. The solution is fully integrated and automated, eliminating the need to switch between windows.

  • Easy to configure

    Information Extraction Service comes with advanced machine learning, configured in a way that minimizes setup efforts. With Information Extraction Service, users are productive starting from the first day.

  • Intelligent automation capabilities

    Based on OpenText’s patent-pending recognition algorithm, Information Extraction Service can handle difficult scenarios, where comparable solutions stop and require manual human intervention. With Information Extraction Service, capture processes will achieve both higher recognition and greater automation rates.

  • Built on years of experience

    Incorporating 20+ years of experience and serving customers worldwide, the OpenText solution caters to all the needs of a modern digital enterprise.

Document Capture software benefits

  • Eliminates manual data entry

    Reading and understanding documents is a science and an art. It starts with intelligent character recognition, formation of words, semantic analysis and geometry assessment. In many situations, even the best algorithm, only deliver certain probabilities for individual characters. It is the context that helps identify a word/item with high confidence. That is why OpenText Information Extraction Service (IES) for SAP Solutions was built based on a multiphase, intelligent approach. It classifies the document context, such as business partners and regions, and then uses this context to extract relevant information. In parallel, the OpenText patent pending machine learning algorithm helps increase the recognition rate with every run, leading to a fully automated process.

  • Employs innovative approach to machine learning

    One of the most popular digitization scenarios is the automation of vendor invoices. Information Extraction Service for SAP Solutions (IES) includes a detailed knowledgebase based on thousands of invoices from 35+ countries, guaranteeing a high field and table recognition quality independent of the individual invoice layouts. As with any other document type, IES continuously learns how to better identify and distinguish fields, based on direct user feedback or corrections applied through an action in SAP. A patent pending intelligent voting algorithm decides whether the traditional knowledge base or the learned field is more appropriate, showing its full strength for completely unknown documents and document types. Typically, a few similar examples are sufficient to reach high recognition quality.

  • Uses an out of the box approach

    Better data is a prerequisite for higher automation. Using supporting information, such as contract numbers, contact details or serial numbers of devices, allow the solution to fully automate matching with master data in SAP, routing exceptions to the right specialist or even answering questions. The ease of configuration revolutionizes these otherwise time-consuming manual tasks. Rather than entering data manually, a simple configuration defines the relevant fields and, once setup, the system begins learning from user and system feedback. This goes far beyond classical robotic process automation and directly integrates with the processes in OpenText Vendor Invoice Management and Business Center for SAP Solutions. As a result, processes run better and reports include more relevant information.

  • Works inside SAP

    Business context is key for high quality information extraction. For example, knowing a business partner simplifies the extraction of address details, line items and header fields that are under control of the business partner. This deep SAP integration gives access to past transactions and adjacent information seamlessly. It allows the solution to maximize recognition rates and delivers superior results.