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OpenText Employee File Management for SAP Solutions

Digitally transform your HR processes

Manage large volumes of workforce-related records globally, while maintaining compliance with document retention and deletion regulations. Transform your Human Resources from an administrative to a strategic operation by providing your HR department with a complete solution that delivers compliant, accessible digital records of your workforce. This means all printed documents from employees and job applicants, master data and internal personnel documents are immediately available from the electronic personnel file. This ensures that all personnel activities and processes are performed quickly and easily. Your HR staff can instantly search and access exactly what they need, when they need it.

Better Productivity
Increase your productivity in HR with fast and centralized access to employee data in SAP® and employee documents in one single view. Automate your routine document-related inquiries. Lose less time with administration and spend more time on strategic projects and on serving employees better.

Better Engagement
Connect with your employees with a better informed and more responsive HR department. Digitize employee files and bring them in direct context with your SAP HR data. Your employees will enjoy the responsiveness and the fact that your HR department has more time at their hands when they lose less time on administrative tasks such as filing, searching, typing or copying.

Better Insight
Find the information you need when and where you need it. Collaborate across department and country borders. Enable Shared Service Operations to become even faster and more employee focused, and support your managers to make better–informed decisions.

Better Control
Ensure compliance and minimize risks through data integrity and availability. Let our software make sure that all retention periods are managed and that they fulfill all legal requirements.

Take advantage of digital disruption and create a better way to work for employees!

Customer Success Stories

Many customers have achieved measurable benefits when deploying the OpenText™ Employee File Management for SAP Solutions.

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SAP Pinnacle Awards 2018 Winner

SAP Pinnacle Award

OpenText is proud to be recognized by SAP® with two Pinnacle Awards: Solution Extension Partner and Database and Data Management Partner of the year. It is the 10th consecutive year we’ve won the Solution Extension award; winning two awards this year is remarkable. SAP presents these awards to top partners who excel in partnering with SAP and helping customers run better.