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OpenText Archiving for SAP Solutions

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Securely archive all SAP business documents and data, keeping them accessible and audit ready

Secure compliance and boost efficiency with OpenText™ Archiving for SAP® Solutions. Regardless if paper, email or office document, all business documents are securely archived and attached to SAP transactions and processes. Your business content can be stored in any format, including long-term archiving formats such as TIFF or Adobe PDF/A, so that long-term access and full readability are guaranteed. OpenText Archiving for SAP Solutions allows SAP users to access all business documents regardless of time or geographical location. All employees have instant access to the same information and efficient, global business processes are now possible. The content is stored on a secure and scalable archive server, where it is managed on hard disk–based storage systems from leading storage platform vendors with enhanced security capabilities (e.g. WORM-feature and retention on hardware level). This combination delivers the highest possible level of security for important business documents in your archive.

  • Ensure compliance and reduce risks with secure long-term archiving of SAP data and documents
  • Eliminate the costs for paper and paper handling inefficiencies
  • Gains in operational efficiency through integrating business documents with SAP transactions
  • Instant access to historical data and business documents within SAP user interface, anytime and anywhere
  • Reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) of your SAP system landscape

Customer Success Stories

Many customers have achieved measurable benefits when deploying the OpenText Data Archiving for SAP Solution.

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SAP Pinnacle Awards 2018 Winner

SAP Pinnacle Award

OpenText is proud to be recognized by SAP® with two Pinnacle Awards: Solution Extension Partner and Database and Data Management Partner of the year. It is the 10th consecutive year we’ve won the Solution Extension award; winning two awards this year is remarkable. SAP presents these awards to top partners who excel in partnering with SAP and helping customers run better.