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OpenText Media Management Cloud Edition

In a Digital-First world, Digital Asset Management (DAM) is integral for enabling rich experiences, better engagement and higher productivity. OpenText™ Media Management (OTMM) is the underlying engine to media enable your organization – in the cloud or on premise.

Business, marketing and consumer demands are pushing traditional Digital Asset Management offerings beyond their comfort zone. OpenText Media Management allows customers to respond to these ever-growing demands by serving as the centralized, secure and accessible repository to provide digital media content for the entire organization. Scalable for the largest enterprises and allowing flexible deployments, whether on premise, in the OpenText private cloud or the public cloud, OpenText Media Management offers capabilities for advanced end-to-end workflows and features for creative production, review, approval, publishing and distribution of assets --using digital assets to drive value for the organization.

Using the same Media Management Enterprise software, OpenText™ Media Management Cloud Edition lets you consolidate all of your digital media assets - organized, secure and available in the OpenText Cloud – and provides a single vendor for cloud infrastructure, DAM application expertise and support, with an optimized architecture and flexible service options.

  • Collaborate, share and use digital assets to drive better experiences.
  • Shift your business’ IT resources from software maintenance and hardware costs to more strategic revenue and value generating activities with predictable operating costs.