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Directory Service Stays Up-to-Date with Business Process Management

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Eniro digitizes and directs content with OpenText MBPM; increases speed and accuracy, enhances customer service

Having OpenText MBPM in place has dramatically improved the efficiency of our business. We are now able to handle our advertisement updates in a fast and precise fashion; these qualities can only help to improve our relationships with our customers and the service is now ever more in line with the aspirations we have for the Eniro brand. Our customers are delighted with the new automated service and the response times.

Björn Alstréus, eCommerce Manager, Eniro


  • Managing more than 180,000 paper-based requests annually
  • Manual process caused errors, delays
  • Disparate system lacked visibility, control



  • Implemented immediate, electronic access that improved business efficiency, customer service
  • Achieved 100 percent ROI within one year
  • Centralized customer service applications
  • Enabled measurement of compliance with SLAs

About Eniro

Eniro is the leading search company on the Nordic media market, providing a channel for buyers and sellers to find each other easily—thereby helping organizations advertise with them to generate new business. As the preferred directory service for Northern Europe, it holds in-depth, specific, and tested information for users wishing to locate people, businesses, or products. Eniro provides this information through a wide range of channels, including directories, directory assistance, Internet sites, and mobile services. For more information, visit: www.enirogroup.com.