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Mewburn Ellis LLP On the Case with OpenText eDOCS DM

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Document and Case Management rolled out enterprise wide at Mewburn Ellis, greatly reduced paper storage, costs, and sped up processes.

Without a doubt, the skills, knowledge, and capabilities of OpenText people and products have had a positive effect on Mewburn Ellis. We feel a part of a community and in OpenText we have truly found a partnership that works

James May, Head of IT, Mewburn Ellis LLP


  • Extensive retention periods meant paper storage volumes were continually growing, raising cost and slowing processes
  • Inbound communications not reaching recipient fast enough
  • Inability to see the complete picture of documentation relating to a client or case
  • Difficulty for a partner to take over another’s case load



  • Digitisation of paper and electronic capture of documents significantly reduces paper creation and storage volumes, reducing costs
  • Inbound communications now reach recipient faster, improving efficiency and client servicing
  • Partners can take over a case and be sure theyhave a complete view of all documentation

About Mewburn Ellis LLP

Mewburn Ellis LLP, with offices in Manchester, London, Cambridge, and Bristol, is one of the UK’s largest firms of European Patent Attorneys, European Trade Mark Attorneys, and European Design Attorneys. Their work covers a wide range of technologies, offering independent to large multinational clients unrivalled expertise and outstanding service. Founded in the late 1800s, Mewburn Ellis now have thirty-three partners and over 180 staff, serving clients in the UK, Europe, and beyond.