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Provincie Zuid-Holland (PZH)

Provincie Zuid-Holland Fully Digitalizes Work Processes

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OpenText ECM Suite Enables Improved Service Delivery

Thanks to the OpenText solution, Provincie Zuid-Holland was able to successfully achieve the government’s aim of fully digital service delivery to both citizens and businesses. The efficiency of our processes was increased considerably, improving our service quality and enabling us to assess our decision-making processes in a more transparent manner.

Daan de Haas, Head of Application Services, Provincie Zuid-Holland, The Netherlands


  • Continually accounting for processes, procedures, and expenses in a transparent, verifiable manner was difficult
  • Challenging service delivery to citizens and businesses that was not optimal or digital
  • Inefficient and ineffective way of creating and processing files






  • 90 percent of all applications and appeals digitally settled
  • Highly reliable registration of all relevant data
  • Internal transparency
  • Significant cost savings

About Provincie Zuid-Holland (PZH)

Provincie Zuid-Holland (PZH) (the province of South Holland) has a payroll of 2,000 employees, who work in the organisation’s central office in The Hague and several branch offices throughout the region. Its activities comprise a wide range of policy areas, such as the environment, spatial planning and housing, soil and rural areas, and economy and employment. The province exchanges a large amount of information with its customers—citizens and businesses—with regard to activities such as granting subsidies, settling appeals, decision-making processes, and assessing zoning plans.