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Forum Corporation

Corporate Training Firm Supports Community Collaboration by Managing Corporate Knowledge

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Forum Corporation uses OpenText social business solution to help its team work more effectively to deliver innovative learning programs

We saw ROI on the system in 13 months through winning more work, through improved search, and through greater collaboration globally.

Kate Haney, Vice President of Product Management and Learning Technology, Forum Corporation


  • Employees couldn't find content when they needed it to work effectively
  • Globally dispersed team couldn't easily share knowledge and leverage each other's expertise
  • Lack of knowledge management and collaboration was hampering overall performance



  • Team space where users can easily collaborate to be more productive
  • Employees can easily find and share knowledge to build exceptional materials and programs
  • Increased productivity and enhanced collaboration lead to winning more work with clients

About Forum Corporation

The Forum Corporation is a global professional services firm and a pioneer in linking learning to business objectives and performance improvement. Since its inception in 1971, Forum has delivered programs in several languages to nearly 4 million people in dozens of countries. The firm supports many of the world’s most innovative companies, including more than 130 of the Fortune 500. For more information, visit www.forum.com.