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OpenText Semantic Navigation helps The Globe and Mail create an engaging and compelling online content consumption experience

Being able to surface relevant content is critical to help our audience understand the news that affects them on a daily basis. From a business perspective, it helps further that engagement where you've got users consuming more pages that are more relevant to them on a more regular basis. So the faster we can surface that information to them via search or through automatic triggers through Semantic Navigation, the better it is for us as a business.

Craig Saila, Director, Digital Products, The Globe and Mail


  • Improve searching capabilities
  • Interested in attracting the largest possible audience and keeping the readers on their site as long as possible
  • Engage online audiences with contextually relevant content that they will likely be interested in to drive online stickiness
  • Develop brand awareness and increase customer loyalty



The Globe and Mail is using OpenText's semantic search technology to generate semantic metadata that improves search results, increases search engine optimization (SEO), and makes the site more “sticky”.

  • OpenText Semantic Navigation makes content discovery easy by using meaningful key terms to guide search engines and audiences directly to their content.
  • Visitors able to find relevant information faster, nuturing customer loyalty.
  • Contextually relevant content connects visitors to targeted products and ads that are displayed based on their inherent meaning.
  • Delivering SEO-rich web pages to maximize their web business strategy.

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In print for 167 years, The Globe and Mail has 11 bureaus across Canada, eight more around the world, and a ninth soon to open in Latin America. The Globe delivers lively and authoritative coverage of national, international, business, arts, entertainment and lifestyle news, both in print and via their Digital Network.  It is an essential read for Canadians who want in-depth reporting on the issues, facts and opinions that affect the domestic landscape and the world at large. For more information, visit: www.theglobeandmail.com