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The Full Picture with a High-Performance Connection from OpenText Exceed

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OpenText and Eyevis provide reliable power plant and industrial control

The long-term partnership has not only proven itself, it leaves nothing to be desired. This is particularly true of the comprehensive, rapid, and straightforward support that OpenText provides both during and after the implementation of customer solutions.

Eric Hénique, Director of Marketing and International Sales, Eyevis


  • Microsoft® Windows® based, large-screen solutions experience interruptions to UNIX® based plant control systems
  • Control systems with lifecycles lasting 20-30 years require a high degree of backward compatibility to earlier UNIX versions and technologies



  • High-performance and reliable connection of UNIX-based plant control systems and their display on large-screen systems provides the information density and clear overview required
  • Supporting even legacy UNIX systems increases the benefits of past investments in plant control

About eyevis

Reutlingen-based Eyevis is responsible for developing, manufacturing, and distributing high-quality, large-screen system solutions. Founded in 1995 and currently employing a workforce of 70, the company is now active on a global scale.