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Toyo Denso

Electronic Components Company Simultaneously Operates Multiple Environments with Exceed onDemand®

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Toyo Denso Technical Center saves costs by integrating UNIX terminals with high ongoing maintenance

It's now been over a year since we introduced Exceed onDemand, and we haven't had any problems. By cutting the number of UNIX terminals, we've been able to slash our terminal maintenance costs by a factor of 12. We can operate both the UNIX version and the Windows version on a Windows terminal, which is far more convenient, not to mention the power savings and space savings in the office.

Mr. Takahashi, R&D Control Department Foreman, Engineering Management Division, Toyo Denso Technical Center


  • Costly supporting two computing environments
  • High operation and administration workloads



  • Significantly reduced terminal maintenance costs
  • Access multiple versions of design applications on Windows desktops
  • Space and power savings

About Toyo Denso

Toyo Denso Technical Center (TEC) produces electrical components and instruments for automobiles and motorbikes as well as OEM generators. With a strong reputation for quality and reliability, their products are widely distributed to leading car and motorbike manufacturers throughout the world and are also a popular choice in the car racing industry.