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The Brain Institute at the University of Utah

Neuroscience Researchers ‘Unite’ with a Collaboration Solution from OpenText

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Using OpenText Collaboration, Vignette Edition, the Brain Institute spans organizational and disciplinary boundaries to collaborate, innovate, and educate.

There’s never a question of who has the live document. With Unite, the grant-writing process is more efficient and clear. There’s no ambiguity about where the documents are and in what state they are.

Dr. Amy Davis, Associate Director at the Brain Institute
Dr. Paula Millington discusses how the Brain Institute and the University of Utah’s Medical Center is using technology from OpenText to expand brain research by collaborating with doctors and researchers across the nation.


The Brain Institute was established to take a multidisciplinary approach to research with the belief that the problems found in brain pathologies would not be solved in only one area such as biochemistry or psychology but across multiple fields of study. To facilitate this multidisciplinary collaboration, the core administrative staff at the Brain Institute set out to provide the tools and the infrastructure for members to communicate and collaborate effectively despite their disparate locations and disciplines.



  • Private and public workspaces allow multidisciplinary teams to work together, regardless of location.
  • Teams benefit from tailored workspaces that offer threaded discussions, blogs, wikis, and cross-workspace dashboards.
  • Document versioning and approval tools enhance user efficiency and productivity
  • Data and intellectual property  secure
  • Powerful full-text indexing and search mechanisms

About The Brain Institute at the University of Utah

The Brain Institute is a coordinating center for neuroscience research and education at the University of Utah. With 140 faculty members from 35 academic departments across four Utah universities, the primary mission of the Brain Institute is to cultivate collaboration between neuroscientists, engineers, physicians, and community partners. This joint effort is intended to accelerate brain research and translate research findings into new treatments for individuals suffering from neurological diseases, neuropsychiatric disorders, and central nervous system injuries.