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Advocate BroMenn Medical Center

Enhancing patient service and increasing billing efficiency using ECM solutions

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Advocate BroMenn Medical Center integrates OpenText Fax Server and Microsoft SharePoint Server for digital, automated order processing

OpenText Fax Server integrated with Microsoft SharePoint is one of the best ways (to manage orders electronically) ... we're now able to provide the services patients need in a more efficient manner and with less hassle on the backend when the bill comes.

Adam Young, Field Project Lead, Information Systems Department of Advocate BroMenn Medical Center


  • Patient dissatisfaction
  • Delayed procedures
  • Reduced staff productivity
  • Denied insurance claims



  • Enhanced patient service
  • Improved billing efficiencies for financial stability
  • Improved employee productivity

About Advocate BroMenn Medical Center

Advocate BroMenn Medical Center is a full-service, 221-bed hospital serving central Illinois for more than a century. It is staffed by more than 1,800 employees, 350 physicians and 800 volunteers.