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Financial Services Customer

Simplifying the User Experience with OpenText Enterprise Connect™

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International financial services company enabling employees to access and share business content in preferred work environment to improve user adoption

What is key is that our workers will not have to go to a separate application to do document management. DM is behind the scenes. End users will be able to search for, open, save and share documents that are stored in the OpenText repository directly from Office, Outlook, and Explorer. They're working in the interfaces they're familiar with and the OpenText system is basically transparent to them. That is game-changing for us.

IT Director


User acceptance and product usability. The requirement to access multiple interfaces to find information reduced productivity. The inability to share information reduced efficiencies. For usability improvement, the company purchased OpenText Enterprise Connect. 



With Enterprise Connect, staff will be able to access and interact with their business content without having to leave their preferred working environment. This will significantly improve productivity as users will not have to access different systems, across different interfaces, to search for information. Users will be able to access all relevant documents from within one central, familiar interface. It simply allows workers to get to the information faster, shortening the lifecycle of not only capturing the new information, but sharing that information.

About Financial Services Customer

This Fortune 500 international financial services firm offers a broad array of financial products and services to consumers, small businesses, and commercial clients.