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Seadrill Management AS

Major Offshore Drilling Contractor Shares Content Effectively on a Global Scale

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Seadrill uses OpenText ECM Suite to collaborate globally and increase productivity

One innovative feature is the two-way replication between international sites for sharing and collaboration of documents within eDOCS DM. This saves time and money for us by automating the document distribution process combined with full revision control and traceability.

Fredrik Grimsby, Project Manager, Seadrill Management AS


The organization had geographically dispersed locations and no document management standards.



Seadrill Management has increased collaboration across business units and implemented one common metadata and numbering structure for business content. A streamlined, uniformed and efficient content management process is now in place.

About Seadrill Management AS

Seadrill is an international offshore drilling contractor providing drilling and well services. Together with their partners, the company has 40 drilling units and roughly 7,600 employees operating in 15 countries on five continents.