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Ocean Conservancy

Ocean Conservancy Cleans Up Digital Assets

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Non-profit organization uses Hosted Digital Asset Management from OpenText as their central repository of images

We had a certain list of users in our head when we first started working on this project, but it’s grown significantly.The list is definitely going to get bigger than you think because you’ve suddenly realized what a tremendous asset this kind of a system is to an organization that has a lot of different users who need different kinds of materials for different purposes.

Dove Coggeshall, Director, Online Communications, Ocean Conservancy


Ocean Conservancy struggled with decentralized asset management. Storage was insecure and there was often a loss of content and knowledge.



Ocean Conservancy now has a secure and central content repository. They've improved productivity and efficiency and enhanced knowledge sharing and creative workflows. Response time to news agencies has improved and the ogranization has realized overall savings in time and costs.

About Ocean Conservancy

Every September, Ocean Conservancy, a non-profit organization and advocate for the ocean, arranges the International Coastal Cleanup, a global shorecleaning project where hundreds of thousands of volunteers from all over the world collect debris and ocean trash from rivers, lakes, and oceans.