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Victorian Institute of Teaching

The Victorian Institute Leverages OpenText to Streamline Document and Records Management

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OpenText helps create an electronic office environment with an integrated Electronic Records and Document Management System (ERDMS)

OpenText stood out from the competition through the use of clear screens that were easy to understand as the Windows® Explorer Extensions followed the standard Windows systems—meaning that users were able to have a familiar look and feel and not what appeared to be a completely new application.

Laura Conlon, Coordinator of Information and Records, Victorian Institute of Teaching


The victorian Institute of Teaching needed a modern system to manage records electronically, accommodate their classification system, and host the system internally.



The OpenText system has helped the organization establish structure for all types of documents with a central repository and properly indexed records. They now have better knowledge management and timely access to information through an improved system for managing and reducing paper-based files.

About Victorian Institute of Teaching

The Victorian Institute of Teaching was established after legislation was passed in December 2001 that required all teachers working in Victorian government, Catholic, and independent schools to be registered.