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Prognosis: Excellent

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Enterprise information management solution boosts productivity at Sharp Healthcare

We have realized the largest ROI from using OpenText Report & Output Management by no longer having to handle the massive investment in maintenance and software licensing fees, system administration, floor space, and an electrical supply to support the mainframe. Our legacy health and financial systems have been archived into retirement; our latest conversion was the clinical system used years ago at Coronado Hospital. They kept this system up for years for reference information, spending about $20,000 a year to maintain it; now, archived into the OpenText system, the costs are negligible.

Brant Burington, Manager, Computer Operations, Sharp Healthcare


Sharp Healthcare wanted to reduce server maintenance costs and licensing fees, meet industry regulations, reduce paper use, centralize print management and automate report distribution.



Sharp has realized a return on investment through savings in cost and time fees. They've improved productivity and efficiency and now have support for full document lifecycle management.

About Sharp Healthcare

Sharp serves more than three million people at five acute care hospitals, a women’s healthcare facility, several medical and radiology groups, as well as medical clinics, urgent care centers and nursing facilities. The Sharp network is comprised of about 2,400 physicians and more than 13,000 employees.