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Federated Investors

Federated Investors – Transitioning from linear work habits to efficient, parallel processes

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Federated Investors implements document management solution from OpenText to set a standard set of rules to govern content management and production within the marketing and regulatory departments

We are very satisfied with the return on investment from our OpenText solutions; we have experienced great monetary savings, and the benefits are clearly visible within our work environment.

Scott Galligan, Business Analyst and Project Manager, Federated Investors


A manually-intensive content publishing process. Web content was being published without internal approvals. Asynchronous processes were resulting in duplication of efforts and the audit trail of production processes was manual and not comprehensive.



Automated and standardized business processes; up to 2,000 concurrent workflows; automated and comprehensive audits created and kept for every workflow. ROI has been visible through monetary savings and an improved work environment.

About Federated Investors

With over 135 different domestic and international equity, fixed-income and money market mutual funds, as well as a variety of separate account options, Federated Investors delivers a diversified product line to financial intermediaries to help them reach a variety of investment goals for their clients. Product performance, breadth and innovation, combined with one of the largest wholesaling sales forces in the industry, have enabled Federated Investors to achieve substantial asset growth over its 49-year history.