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Essex Police

Essex Police Implements OpenText Business Intelligence to Help Catch the Crooks

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OpenText Business Intelligence serves to build a safer environment for information, police, and residents alike

From a pure policing perspective, OpenText Business Intelligence has allowed the user to order, sort, and filter results to whatever combination they require. By extracting data in this way and transporting it to other analysis systems, it allows us to more easily identify geographical hotspots of crime and serial offending, ultimately helping us reduce offences and provide a safer environment for the residents we serve.

Sarah Rundell, IT – Application Administrator, Essex Police


Laborious process to search, identify, and access critical information; inadequate security access and electronic information sharing; inefficient processes and systems; and need for increased depth in crime analysis.



The implementation of OpenText Business Intelligence solution at Essex Police has provided real time access to service information requests. They've improved secure, shared access to information and enhanced crime analysis capabilities. The OpenText Business Intelligence solution has provided a greater ability to allocate police officers, investigate crimes, and prevent crimes within designated wards.

About Essex Police

Essex Police is one of the United Kingdom's largest non-metropolitan police forces with a current strength of approximately 3600 police officers.