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OpenText Document Management Strengthens CARE Canada’s ‘I Am Powerful’ Campaign

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CARE Canada creates a knowledge repository using OpenText Document Management to empower women globally

I Am Powerful is a relatively new campaign for CARE Canada and by nature quite responsive. When we get opportunities that come forth we need to respond very, very quickly before they disappear. These include partnership opportunities and placements for ads in magazines or on television. When these opportunities arise, OpenText Document Management, branded Minerva, allows us to access all of the information we need, no matter where we are, with a very quick turnaround rate. So, if someone asks for a document, even if I’m not at work, I can easily access it and provide it to them. Minerva gives us that flexibility.

Hana Gunn, Campaign Assistant, CARE Canada


CARE Canada needed a way to organize, store, and share various campaign resources within their organization to ensure branding consistency and use of the most accurate, updated information.



CARE Canada is able to maintain consistent branding with information sharing from one, easily searchable location. The organization was able to improve collaboration between agencies worldwide and increase response time for partnership opportunities.

About CARE Canada

CARE Canada is a non-profit and non-religious charitable organization. As a member of one of the world’s largest independent relief and development federations, CARE International, CARE Canada’s mission is to improve the provision of security and well being for the poor in developing regions and war-torn societies. For over half a century, CARE has been bringing emergency relief to those in need around the world.