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Global Financial Services Firm

Global Financial Services Firm Thrives with New Reporting Options

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Company sets out to wow customers with the flexible, customizable reporting of OpenText™ Information Hub

The Java-based, open platform allows our engineers to expand upon the extensive functionalities of OpenText Information Hub. This enables them to develop not only standard solutions, but achieve extraordinary developments we need to succeed in the financial sector.

Chief Information Officer (CIO)


• Generate reports for both internal and external users
• Automated generation of mass reporting
• Ad hoc queries to non-IT clients



  • Easy generation of a single report design, customizable to different customer needs
  • Quick, customer-focused support of technical issues
  • Java-based open platform enables customizable expansion of functionality

About Global Financial Services Firm

Present in more than 25 locations worldwide, with approximately 4,000 employees, this global financial services firm provides banks, brokers, asset managers and insurers with a full range of securities services adapted to the latest financial market and regulatory trends.