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Metsä Wood

Finnish Forest Products Provider Launches B2B e-Trading

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Metsä Wood meets demand for traceable products from sustainably managed forests with OpenText™ Trading Grid™

The goal is to eliminate paper and manual transactions as far as possible, allowing us to deliver on time to customers and to achieve speedy turnaround of key business documents from orders to delivery notes.

Pat Fleck, IT Specialist, Metsa Wood


• Cumbersome data collection and exchange
• New environmental regulations
• Variety of partner systems



• Timely, automated data exchange
• Compliant, on-time delivery
• Integrated, centralized e-trading

About Metsä Wood

Metsä Wood (formerly Finnforest) is a leading supplier of eco-efficient wood-based products, systems and solutions; it is part of the Metsä Group, which covers the wood value chain from sapling to product.