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Community Health Care Organization

Community Health Care Organization Uses Business Intelligence to Deliver Health and Well-Being to its Residents

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Providing exceptional care with OpenText Business Intelligence

OpenText Business Intelligence gives management peace of mind about the targets that are being met. And it helps identify areas to focus on for quality improvement. If we can use the analytics to improve our programs, we can ultimately keep people out of the hospitals and emergency rooms, which is a very costly medical alternative.

Nik Papanikolas, Data Management/IT Coordinator


  • Measuring targets to deliver organizational effectiveness
  • Accountability to government funders and the community
  • Limited analytics and reporting tools prevent accurate and timely insight into operations



  • Meaningful reports on measured targets and indicators
  • Analytics identify areas for quality and program improvements
  • Employees empowered with accurate and timely information to make informed decisions

About Community Health Care Organization

This non-profit health organization serves local residents who don’t have a family physician and gives special consideration to the elderly with chronic conditions, youth at risk, those struggling with mental health issues or addictions, and those living on a limited income.