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Consolidating B2B Processes for Visibility

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Adnams distills its B2B processes to improve visibility, gain support, and accelerate onboarding for partners

OpenText has given us full transparency over our costs and provides us with an easy, quick setup for new partners. Our combined success has led us to instigate a review of our non-EDI trading relationships to see if we can encourage them to move to EDI. Something we could not have considered doing with our previous setup.

Greg Huggins, IT Manager, Adnams


  • Inadequate visibility into EDI processes
  • Lack of transparency into billing from multiple vendors
  • Poor customer support from prior vendors



  • Improved visibility into all EDI processes
  • Rationalization of billing with improvements to cost control
  • More responsive support and project services

About Adnams

Since 1872, Adnams PLC, has been brewing beer ­at their Southwold location in Suffolk, UK. Their operations include brewing and distilling, as well as retail, wholesale, and operating restaurants and hotels. As a wholesaler, Adnams imports over 1,000 wines and supplies leading brands such as Coca-Cola, Carlsberg and Britvic to their clients, which include the “big four” UK supermarkets. For more information, visit: http://adnams.co.uk/