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Haga Hospital

Haga Hospital Improves Patient Record Health and Reduces Costs with OpenText

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OpenText Document Access for SAP® Solutions helps provide complete patient care record in SAP, reduces paper record storage overheads and improves patient safety

When a patient is transferred from ICU to a ward within the hospital, their medical records are now available electronically to the team taking over their care, before they even arrive on their ward. This improves patient safety, for example with instant access to critical care information, such as treatments or drugs that should not be used.

Michael van Grol, ECM Project Manager, Haga Hospital


  • Delays in retrieving paper-based patient records caused delays in treatment and ultimately patient safety
  • Lack of interoperability between systems and external parties with no single view of patient record
  • Growing volume of paper-based patient records occupying valuable space



  • Faster access to complete patient record from anywhere in the hospital
  • Elimination of patient transfer delays caused by incomplete patient information
  • Cost savings through reduced storage of paper records

About Haga Hospital

Haga Hospital (HagaZiekenhuis) is a teaching hospital based in The Hague, Netherlands, and was founded in 2004 following the merger of three hospitals. Today the hospital employs over 3,600 staff, including around 300 medical specialists. The hospital is well known for providing high quality patient care, including emergency medical care, and is a center of excellence regionally
for many specialist areas.