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Nord Ost West Informationstechnik GmbH (NOW IT GmbH)

One OpenText for everyone: German pension insurance companies consolidate archives and ensure access to a billion documents in just two seconds

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OpenText Archive Server saves upgrade costs and increases the efficiency of administration and customer service

The fact that the OpenText solution is able to cope reliably with this enormous volume of documents proves that we have chosen the right solution.

Hans-Jürgen Böndgen, Head of Competence Centre Electronic Document Management at NOW IT


  • Working with paper files was time and cost-intensive.
  • The time required for handling paper files was delaying feedback to insured persons.
  • The e-Government Act requires digital file management by 2020.



  • The OpenText solution ensures a maximum access time of two seconds, even with a billion documents, and thus improves the customer service
  • Managing digital files using OpenText saves time and reduces construction costs
  • The solution infrastructure forms the basis for future-proof, legally compliant file management under the e-Government Act

About Nord Ost West Informationstechnik GmbH (NOW IT GmbH)

Nord Ost West Informationstechnik GmbH (NOW IT GmbH) has been established by the Deutsche Rentenversicherung Brunswick-Hanover, Middle Germany, North, Rhineland, Westfalia pension insurance companies in the North, East and West of Germany as a service provider to supply their IT services. For more information, visit: www.now-it.de