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Gauteng Provincial Government Department of Economic Development

Gauteng Provincial Government (Dept of Economic Development) Improves Document Based Processes with OpenText

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OpenText Content Server and MBPM remove reliance on manual records and processes, reducing lost documentation, duplication, and exposure to risk

The immediate benefit of having a single, reliable, central repository made a huge difference. Regardless of which office our staff are residing in, they can all access the latest version, quickly and easily. This has freed up office space, reduced the amount of document duplication and has a positive impact in reducing lost documentation.

Resham Sathideen, Business Alignment Manager, Gauteng Department of Economic Development


  • Difficulty tracking paper documentation led to lost documents and risk of litigation
  • Unable to meet target process service levels
  • Decentralised documentation led to high level of duplication
  • Microsoft SharePoint solution failed to meet objectives



  • Compliance with South African Records Act
  • Improvements to customer service, faster access to records, ability to meet service levels, reducing risk of litigation

About Gauteng Provincial Government Department of Economic Development

Gauteng, the most populous South African province, is home to around 12.3 million people including the urban areas of Johannesburg and Pretoria. The Gauteng Provincial Government (GPG) Department of Economic Development has two main areas of responsibility: fostering economic growth and job creation, and ensuring sound financial management policies and structures are in place within GPG. The department is also responsible for liquor licensing, gambling, and tourism as well as enterprise development, including the handling of complaints in these areas.