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CARE Canada

CARE Fights Poverty with Connected International Team

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CARE Canada upgrades OpenText Content Suite for improved performance that enhances collaboration and secure file sharing supporting program success

Performance since upgrading Content Suite is nothing short of amazing and screaming fast!

John Oram, Knowledge Management Technical Solutions Manager for CARE Canada


  • Slow search results and other usability issues
  • Low user adoption
  • Lack of easy way to connect and collaborate



  • Faster search results
  • Dramatic rise in end user adoption and satisfaction
  • Enhanced collaboration for development and consistency
  • Lower operational costs
  • Support of CARE program success

About CARE Canada

Founded in 1945, CARE Canada is a leading international humanitarian organization fighting global poverty. CARE’s story began more than 65 years ago, when it began its emergency relief work by delivering “CARE Packages” to the people of Europe following WWII. As of 2012, CARE has worked in over 80 countries, supporting over 900 poverty-fighting development and humanitarian aid projects that reach more that 83 million people. For more information, visit: www.care.ca