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Red Bee Media

Reducing customer onboarding lead-time and cost by 80 percent

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The OpenText Cordys platform enables Red Bee to manage its media logistics operations

OpenText Cordys enables us to deliver business agility and speed-to-market which are key differentiators.

Dr. Sue Farrell, Head of Architecture at Red Bee Media


  • Increase business flexibility and reduce time to market
  • Increase visibility of business metrics
  • Reduce cost of adding new services
  • Reduce cost of changing business processes and ongoing support



  • Onboarding of a new channel from 2400 man days to 450 man days
  • Ability to quickly adapt to changing needs in dynamic sector
  • Reduced Total Costs of Ownership (TCO)
  • Better visibility of operational performance
  • Improved predictability of development effort for onboarding of new channels

About Red Bee Media

Red Bee Media is a world-leading expert in the distribution and promotion of multimedia content, offering a comprehensive range of broadcast services to playout, publish, promote and provide media access for content across all media, from television to mobile phones. With over 1,200 staff in London and its subsidiaries across the world and revenues in excess of £120 million, Red Bee Media is the largest playout and channel management business in the UK and is quickly expanding.