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Providing world-class customer service and operational efficiency

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OpenText Cordys allows esure to improve the efficiency of claims processing, lower operational costs, and reduce fraud

OpenText Cordys delivers a high degree of automation combined with the flexibility needed to manage the dynamic nature of insurance cases. Case Management, for example, allows our case handlers to make informed decisions based on more complete information readily available on easy to navigate screens, trigger claim investigations, assess work, assign it to the right people and prevent fraud and exposure to risk. In that way, we were able to reduce claims leakage, and eliminate redundant manual efforts that resulted in a reduction of operational costs. The direct automated interaction with the Ministry of Justice portal for Personal Injury claims enabled us to comply with the required SLAs avoiding huge penalties.



  • Unstructured paper-based collaboration
  • Increased operational and litigation costs
  • Lack of visibility into the status of applications and claims
  • Need for self-service options



  • Reduced claims processing time
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Reduced indemnity costs and claims leakage
  • Meet strict Service Level Agreements to avoid financial penalties

About Esure

esure is one of the largest providers of motor insurance in the UK and also offers home, pet and travel insurance. esure was founded in 2000 to offer competitive general insurance cover by using the Internet as a primary sales channel. With more than 1,500 employees, the organization has over 1 million customers with written premiums of over £400 million in five years.