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Canon Sales Brings Livelink Intranet to Japanese Businesses

First Document Management and Business Process Suite for Japanese Intranets

Waterloo, ON – 1997-2-27 – "Since 1993, Canon Sales Co., Inc. has been distributing the client/server version of Livelink and we saw it as a natural progression to work with Open Text to localize their Livelink Intranet product," said Mr. Hideharu Takemoto, President of Canon Sales Co., Inc. "Our localized version of Livelink gives Japanese users the ability to easily build their corporate intranets across their world-wide operations, to support corporate projects, maximize productivity and competitiveness; all through a browser window."

Canon Sales has a long history of introducing leading hardware, application software and network software into the Japanese market, through its System Integration Business group, which becomes the latest Value-Added Reseller (VAR) of Livelink Intranet. Livelink Intranet forms the core product of the System Integration Business unit's intranet market solution. The unit's customers include Nippon Telegraph and Telephone (NTT); TAISEI CORPORATION and Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd.

Canon Sales Co., Inc. will market the full Livelink Intranet Suite 7, which is scaleable to tens of thousands of users, and a Livelink Intranet starter kit, to a maximum of ten users. Purchasers of the starter kit can apply its cost to an upgrade for a full Livelink Intranet package.

"Our relationship with Canon grows more valuable every day, as we work together to recognize and respond to the needs of the Japanese market for best-of-breed software products," said Tom Jenkins, President of Open Text Corporation "and we are delighted with the excellent work that Canon has done in winning enterprise collaboration projects, leveraging the strengths of Livelink."

About Canon Sales Co. Inc.

Canon Sales Co., Inc. supports a wide range of hardware, application software and network software for the Japanese market and provides complete systems integration services to its customer base.