B2B / EDI Integration

Automotive OEM and Trading Partner Network Connectivity

Drive productivity with secure connectivity among automotive OEMs and global trading partners

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OpenText™ ANX Network is a premium data network designed to support the most important business data and processes, such as financial information, product development and design materials and business critical applications. Unlike the public Internet, ANX Network provides reliable performance, complete accountability and highly-secure communications between automotive and OEM trading partners.

From product innovation to product distribution, OpenText ANX Network enables automotive OEMs and suppliers to connect and collaborate during all stages of the value chain process, lowering costs, reducing defects and improving quality through a secure trading partner network.

How OpenText ANX Network can benefit business

Discover the advantages of using the OpenText ANX Network

  • Automotive industry and OEM expertise

    Leverage decades of automotive expertise with knowledge of OEM compliance requirements as well as industry and country data exchange mandates.

  • Securely exchange data

    Connect to a single or multiple OEMs and trading partners across the globe with the industry preferred private network with the reliability and network performance unavailable from the public Internet.

  • Improve security

    Secure global community connectivity through a VPN specifically designed for the automotive industry. Protect data and intellectual property from the risks associated with the public Internet including, SPAM, viruses, adware and breaches.

  • Increase reliability and performance

    Ensure network reliability with bandwidth guarantees that accommodate traffic volume during peak times.


  • Global connectivity

    Connects nearly 2,000 automotive OEMs and suppliers across the globe to ensure and protect partner and supplier data exchange.

  • ENX Network certified

    Delivers ENX Network certified connectivity services for global suppliers and vendors using ENX over Internet and ENX MPLS. Features high availability, redundancy and disaster recovery options.

  • Rapid partner onboarding

    Enables suppliers with new OEM programs, mergers or acquisitions to onboard new trading partners in weeks, rather than months to get products to market faster and stay ahead of the competition.

  • Accelerate the pace of innovation

    Provides faster, secure connectivity that facilitates better communication and closer relationships with customers, partners and vendors to help sustain competitive advantage.

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