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In 2014, OpenText™ acquired GXS, the global cloud-based business-to-business (B2B) integration services and managed services company.

The GXS product portfolio is now part of the OpenText Business Network Cloud.

Business Network Cloud offers frictionless information exchange, end-to-end business visibility and extensive collaboration with a single digital backbone across business ecosystems.

Rebranded product names

Former name Rebranded name
GXS Freeway Cloud OpenText™ Freeway Cloud
GXS Active(SM) Catalogue OpenText™ Active Catalogue
GXS Active(SM) Intelligence OpenText™ Active Intelligence
GXS Active Invoices with Compliance OpenText™ Active Invoices with Compliance
GXS Active Orders OpenText™ Active Orders
GXS BizManager® OpenText™ BizManager™
GXS Managed File Transfer Service OpenText™ Managed File Transfer Service
GXS Managed Services OpenText™ Managed Services
GXS Swift Service Bureau OpenText™ SWIFT Service Bureau
GXS Trading Grid® OpenText™ Trading Grid™
GXS Trading Grid Messaging® Service OpenText™ Trading Grid™ Messaging Service
GXS TrustedLink® OpenText™ TrustedLink™


Partners can visit the Partner portal in OpenText™ My Support for more information on products, programs and enablement. Login is required. Register at https://login.opentext.com/register or contact partners@opentext.com for assistance.

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If you require product assistance, log an issue via Business Network Support or drop an email to tshelp@opentext.com.

Business Network Support

For other inquiries, please contact your OpenText representative or contact us online.