Fax Modernization

Use a secure, enabled cloud-based digital fax solution to meet evolving business needs


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Moving to the cloud is more than a trend. It is transforming businesses. Yet, while many organizations have started their cloud transition, they still utilize on-premises solutions for their secure document delivery. These systems are costly to maintain and are unable to scale, grow and modernize with business needs. Many require manually driven workflows that pull staff from critical work.

Secure cloud-based digital fax solutions enable cloud or hybrid fax deployments so organizations can increase efficiency and productivity while decreasing infrastructure costs and data loss.

Key benefits

Impact business and achieve better results with a secure, enabled digital fax solution.

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  • Accelerate operations

    Automate processes and integrate with key enterprise applications to increase productivity and shorten business cycles.

  • Access crucial information

    Gain access to business-critical information and deliver it in a structured format to and from any location.

  • Increase security and compliance

    Leverage cloud or hybrid IT environments for secure, auditable information exchange and compliance with HIPAA and PCI DSS configurations.

  • Improve satisfaction and experience

    Create custom, cloud-enabled workflows to increase transaction speed with consistent, reliable and secure fax communications.

  • Unlock analytics and insights

    View historical fax data, including volumes, deliveries and exceptions, to gain full visibility and discover actionable insights.

Business impacts

  • Compliance and security

    Compliance requirements dictate that sensitive data must be securely shared. Digital fax offers this security, but manually capturing and routing this data can introduce errors and security gaps. Securely capture, extract and route key data.
  • Document routing

    Faxes need to get to the right people in a timely manner. Legacy systems do not always allow the needed tagging and metadata, slowing delivery and creating bottlenecks. Leverage cloud fax to intelligently route documents.

  • Data preservation

    Organizations use fax to securely send and receive important data and information. Lost or misplaced documents can cause delays and negatively impact employee and customer experiences. Modernize secure digital fax to support business continuity.
  • Workflows

    Employees rely on faxed information to do their jobs. Manual data entry and other repetitive tasks reduce productivity and create inefficiencies and delays. Integrate cloud or hybrid faxes with workflows to streamline tasks.

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OpenText offers a variety of cloud-based options that enhance fax services.

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