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Improve patient experience and engagement with personalized communications and journeys

of healthcare providers cite patient experience and patient journeys as a priority for digital transformation[1]


See how to create and deliver relevant, frictionless, personalized care journeys

Disconnected systems and siloed data keep most healthcare organizations from optimizing patient engagement. By connecting information to drive more informed and comprehensive health and wellness lifestyles, healthcare providers can offer effective and engaging digital experiences that align with patient preferences and move patients towards improved outcomes.

OpenText™ Experience Platform for Healthcare Providers solution brings content and context to communications so healthcare providers can create intelligent, individualized patient experiences that improve understanding, adherence and impact.

Key benefits

Impact business and achieve better results.

  • Improve patient experience and engagement

    Deliver personalized communications across the care journey to improve provider-patient relationships, drive desired clinical outcomes and reduce readmissions and costs.

  • Increase patient satisfaction

    Enable convenient, frictionless access to care across a range of digital channels to meet patient expectations and improve satisfaction.

  • Seamlessly coordinate care

    Automate processes and workflows to increase collaboration, optimize communications and secure data exchanges across systems, devices, caregivers, patients and insurers.

  • See the complete patient picture

    Accelerate data-driven services to look beyond the electronic medical record (EMR) and gain the full context needed to provide consistent, quality patient care journeys.

  • Improve health outcomes

    Increase engagement and encourage patients to be advocates for their own health with intelligent educational outreach that improves health and reduces care costs.

  • Improve clinician satisfaction

    Automate tasks and streamline disease management and patient outreach efforts to allow clinicians to focus on patient care.

Business impacts

  • Personalized patient communications and guidance

    Healthcare providers must educate patients to take prompt action for better outcomes. Standard communication formats that do not take patient preferences into account hamper engagement. Deliver targeted communications on patients’ channel of choice.

  • Convenient access to care

    Consumers expect seamless digital access to healthcare. Many providers use separate systems for care aspects, such as telehealth, scheduling and EMRs, making for disjointed experiences and frustrated patients. Integrate systems for complete access to care.

  • Patient experience

    Patients want to be treated as individuals. Information in standard medical records does not provide their full picture, such as social determinates of health and communication preferences. Leverage data to enhance patient engagement and build trust.

  • Patient insights

    Patients need to make informed care and cost decisions. Disconnected systems keep them from getting the information they need, when they need it. Automate data integration to gain insights needed to send the right communications at the right time.

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  1. [1] Boston Consulting Group, Performance and Innovation Are the Rewards of Digital Transformation, December 2021