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Consumer digital health company

Consumer digital health company advances fight against diabetes. Chronic care organization enhances innovation and speeds time to market with cloud-based OpenText Alloy for Healthcare


  • Variations in client and payer systems and applications
  • Diverting attention from company mission to manage supporting technology
  • Lack of resources to take on high-level technology integration


  • Maintained focus on innovation in consumer usability and analytics

  • Improved time to market for diabetes management solutions

  • Secured built-in compliance with rigorous healthcare industry requirements


Not having resources in place to take on the high level of integration operations required, and not wanting to divert resources from the development of its unique value proposition, the company decided to outsource its integration and data management needs to a dedicated provider.

A nurse giving a needle to someone.

The consumer digital health company leverages OpenText expertise and technology for data management.

Impressed with its extensive healthcare background and familiarity with numerous client health system applications, the consumer digital health company selected the industry-leading cloud platform OpenText™ Alloy™ for Healthcare to perform the following integration and data management functions on its behalf:

  • Pull clinical and claims information for new enrollees from various providers, cleanse the data and map it to the company’s data warehouse in the required format.
  • Provide master patient index (MPI) functionality for patient reconciliation, as well as de-duplication functionality.
  • Retrieve blood glucose observation data gathered by the company’s connected devices for delivery back to providers’ client health systems.
  • Provide ongoing, bidirectional integration between the company and providers’ client health systems for the duration of a patient’s participation in the company’s chronic condition care program.

The health company is already reinventing one wheel: diabetes management. There was no need to reinvent another, especially one that is not in the company’s wheelhouse. By taking advantage of OpenText integration expertise and technology, the consumer digital health company realized the following benefits at significantly reduced cost:

  • Improved time to market.
  • Fast patient adoption of its personalized diabetes management program.
  • Built-in compliance with the rigorous security needs of the healthcare industry.
  • Ability to stay focused on driving innovation in consumer usability and analytics.

About Consumer digital health company

A consumer digital health company looking to provide groundbreaking diabetes management recognized it needed to stay laser-focused on the innovations it was bringing to the market: consumer usability and analytics. But, the chronic care company also recognized that realtime integration with backend client health systems would be critical to its success.