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Accelerate migration and modernize Information Management with OpenText applications deployed on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform

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Microsoft® Azure is the public cloud of choice for 95% of the Fortune 500, with more than 90 compliance offerings and a global infrastructure spanning more than 60 regions and 140 countries.

Accelerate migration and modernization with industry-leading Information Management solutions from OpenText™ deployed on the highly secure and compliant Microsoft Azure public cloud.


Maximize the value of OpenText solutions deployed on Microsoft Azure with expanded options to support technical integration, data sovereignty and compliance requirements, backed by one vendor relationship and a single comprehensive SLA.

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  • Reduce cost

    Decrease operational costs by up to 30% with no maintenance or upgrade fees.

  • Accelerate time to market

    Get instant access to the latest software versions and turnkey integrations.

  • Scale globally

    Eliminate infrastructure limitations to automatically scale capacity as needed.

  • Modernize IT

    Advance cloud strategies with OpenText cloud experts and a best-in-class SLA covering every element of the solution.


Migrate, optimize and manage Information Management applications on Azure.

OpenText on Azure Marketplace

Purchase OpenText offerings through Azure Marketplace to simplify procurement, utilize cloud commit and accelerate time-to-value.

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OpenText™ Apps for Microsoft

Integrate OpenText solutions with Microsoft applications, such as SharePoint®, Outlook®, Dynamics 365 and Office 365® and Teams to seamlessly connect content to process.

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Content Services Platforms

Enhance productivity and ensure secure, compliant content management throughout the content lifecycle.

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OpenText™ Experience Cloud

Intelligently create, personalize and deliver true omnichannel experiences at scale.

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OpenText™ Private Cloud

Partner with OpenText experts for fast, secure cloud adoption.

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