Scalable B2B Integration

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Benchmark your B2B integration


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Companies of all sizes face similar electronic data interchange (EDI) challenges. Connecting with customers and trading partners around the world means developing modern, agile B2B environments. Traditionally, there are two options: budget-friendly but limited solutions or expansive EDI solutions with extensive capabilities.

Scalable B2B integration solutions offer a better option. Organizations of all sizes can meet increasing pressure to digitize and automate with an EDI solution that fits their goals. The solutions are able to grow beyond simple document exchange as companies evolve.

Key benefits

Securely integrate the information flow from customers, suppliers and partners to internal business systems for the speed, flexibility and agility to meet business integration needs.

Benchmark your B2B integration
  • Reduce costs

    Automate business processes to significantly reduce the time, cost and complexity of B2B integration environments.

  • Increase EDI solution flexibility

    Equip an EDI solution with the flexibility to quickly change direction in the face of disruption.

  • Add agility

    Scale integration resources according to business and market condition requirements.

  • Ease integration management

    Connect external transaction flows to internal business systems to ensure important customer information gets where it is needed.

  • Improve business decisions

    Uncover the insights for data-driven decisions to improve supply chain deliverables, such as on-time delivery and reduced DSO.

  • Create efficient B2B operations

    Increase overall productivity and efficiency with an integrated B2B environment that offers end-to-end visibility.

Business impacts

  • Budget considerations

    Every organization needs to balance capabilities with price. One-size-fits-all integration solutions cannot scale up or down as needs change. Take control with a customizable solution tailored to company needs.
  • Partner onboarding

    To keep supply chains flowing, businesses must be able to quickly onboard new trading partners. Manually selecting and connecting to new trading partners can slows things down. Automate onboarding to save time and stay on track.

  • Information exchange

    Organizations must share business transaction information with trading partners. Relying on individual email inboxes, spreadsheets and paper documents causes fragmentation and discrepancies. Digitally exchange data with trading partners.
  • Integration complexity

    Adapting B2B integration environments to meet market conditions offers greater resilience against future business disruptions. Complex environments make it difficult to adapt quickly to change. Change direction as needed with a simple EDI solution.

  • Business processes

    Efficiently and accurately processing business documents, such as orders and invoices, keeps operations running smoothly. Manual processing takes time and is prone to errors, leading to costly remediation efforts. Digitize and automate B2B processes.
  • Competing IT projects

    Mid-sized and enterprise companies want to accelerate B2B integration. Other initiatives require IT staff and budget, taking away needed resources. Outsource integration to a trusted service provider.

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