ERP Integration and Transformation

Lower system migration risks and costs by optimizing ERP implementation

of organizations are looking for new capabilities to better integrate their ERP systems[1]


Learn how OpenText eases SAP S/4HANA migration with modern integration

With new powerful cloud capabilities to leverage, ERP modernization is top-of-mind. But, connections across the broader ecosystem cannot be overlooked. ​

Legacy integration tooling often fails to optimally support ERP modernization, slowing productivity and potentially disrupting business. Focusing on the overall integration architecture is a unique opportunity to maximize ERP implementation benefits and transform with confidence.

ERP Integration solutions optimize ERP system integration operations, while reducing the cost and risk of ERP transformation projects.

Key benefits

Leverage ERP software integration to speed up ERP modernization projects and reduce business continuity risk.

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  • Reduce migration risks

    Accurately capture requirements and leverage real production data for new system testing to avoid business process disruption during ERP migration projects.

  • Reduce costs

    Leverage experts and modern tooling to significantly cut down the cost of ongoing ERP system integration operations as well as broader ERP transformation initiatives.

  • Accelerate transformation projects

    Establish a detailed understanding of the information exchanged with trading partners and rapidly scale up integration resources to complete ERP migrations faster.

  • Transform with confidence

    Identify optimal ways to support supply chain and business process automation with an ERP integration platform to maximize business performance.

Business impacts

  • ERP system modernization

    Many organizations, such as SAP customers migrating to SAP S/4HANA, are modernizing ERP systems. Without synchronized integration, legacy integration delays and bottlenecks can occur. Optimize SAP S/4HANA, Oracle NetSuite and other modern ERP systems.
  • ERP transition planning

    Varying B2B/EDI standards, hidden data-quality issues and fragmented solutions complicate ERP transitions. Leveraging consolidated insights on existing integration needs supports blueprinting for easier migration. Accelerate ERP project planning.

  • ERP project risk management

    Minimizing business disruption is key with ERP​ system deployments. Without addressing overall integration architecture, issues from delays to cost increases to missed opportunities around advanced features arise.​ Assess and address all connections.
  • Improving resource allocation and productivity

    B2B integration and other complex modernization initiatives require expertise. With tight resources and budgets, using internal resources reduces focus on core business activities. Leverage a trusted partner to alleviate resourcing challenges.

  • Business process optimization

    Manually processing orders, invoices and shipment notifications is time-consuming and prone to errors. Flexible ERP integration capabilities improve business process quality, efficiency and speed. Digitize and automate manual tasks.

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Frequently asked questions

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a software system that allows organizations to manage and monitor core business processes from across departments in one place.

ERP integration refers to the process of connecting an ERP solution to other systems within an enterprise. ERP integration solutions make it easier to integrate both new and legacy software, improving process efficiency throughout the business.

ERP system integration centralizes data from across all systems and departments, giving organizations a single source of truth. As a result of ERP modernization, organizations gain the insights they need to streamline processes, improve customer experiences and make informed decisions.

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