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HPE has solutions for secure access, storage, and delivery of apps, data, and content built with OpenText technology

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About the partnership

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HPE is the global edge-to-cloud company that helps connect, protect, analyze, and act on all data and applications wherever they live, from edge to cloud, turning insights into outcomes at speed.


Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) and OpenText provide the benefits you need to gain a competitive edge in your digital transformation.

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    Innovate at the edge

    Control and harness data across edge to cloud, where data becomes insights in real time so you can innovate faster.

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    High-precision data analytics

    Turn your data into insights with high-precision analytics, no matter where the data lives.

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    AI for improved accuracy and fast results

    Train and tune data models at scale with innovative software to disrupt your industry, speed discovery, and turn insights into action.

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    Simplify and transform hybrid cloud

    A simplified, secure hybrid cloud helps you turn the data you have into the intelligence you need.


Explore the depth and breadth of our joint portfolio providing “best-fit” solutions for every point in your transformation journey.

OpenText™ Analytics and AI

OpenText™ Analytics and AI solutions deliver the strategic insights needed to make every decision data-driven and predict and act on opportunities.

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OpenText™ Voltage™

Understand and secure data to reduce risk, support compliance, and govern data access.

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OpenText™ Content

OpenText™ Content offers end-to-end enterprise content management solutions, from capture to full lifecycle management to archiving.

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