Modernize for Data Driven Marketing

Unify and action data to ensure informed decision-making. Read the Google Cloud and OpenText report to learn why modernization matters.

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Dramatic market changes have increased the pressure for organizations to stay agile and competitive. Marketers know they must make data-driven decisions to drive growth and efficiency. Yet, with information spread across multiple systems and applications, many struggle to harness data’s full potential, driving up customer acquisition costs and reducing effectiveness.

Modernization alongside state of the art creative operations, digital asset management and content optimization helps organizations innovate in the experience economy, delivering memorable, personal experiences at scale while gaining deep, actionable insights.

Benefits of data driven marketing

Optimize data and connectivity to unlock innovation, improve operational agility and gain a competitive advantage.

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    Increase flexibility to meet evolving needs

    Modernize with a composable platform that unlocks new capabilities to adapt to current and future business needs, boost efficiency and enable growth using digital asset management software and experience management solutions.

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    Understand customer behavior for better targeting

    Mine customer behavior data for better intelligence into needs and drivers, enabling increased relevancy, personalization and satisfaction through data driven marketing.

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    Reduce customer acquisition costs and maximize ROI

    Make every experience and interaction matter, at each step of the customer lifecycle, to increase customer retention and loyalty and improve ROI across the customer lifetime value.

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    Drive omnichannel brand recognition

    Use customer data and digital asset management solutions to drive consistency across marketing, communications and service experiences, on every channel and touchpoint.

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    Optimize content creation

    Centralize digital asset management to bridge organizational silos and empower data driven marketing efforts by easily creating content that inspires and engages.

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    Gain IT operational efficiencies

    Optimize IT resources with a modern technology stack that provides cloud and off-cloud flexibility, scale with Kubernetes deployments and augment staff with operational experts.

How data driven marketing can drive business success

  • Easily find, integrate and use data

    Staying ahead in today’s experience economy requires using data to its fullest potential. Legacy systems and applications lead to data that is obsolete, duplicated or hard-to-find. Unify data and embed it into every process, interaction and decision.

  • Enhance business and IT agility

    Organizations need to be able to quickly adapt to changing market conditions, customer expectations and business disruptions. Complex, on-premises systems are slow and inflexible. Simplify with a modern cloud platform for greater agility.

  • Gain deeper customer insights

    Marketers rely on customer insights to make effective campaign decisions. The complexity and volume of multi-channel data make it difficult to measure campaign accuracy and success. Connect data and insights to action data in all the right ways.

  • Simplify digital asset management (DAM)

    Rich media assets and content are created and used enterprise-wide. Storing unsynchronized data in multiple silos increases costs, time and errors. Leverage a data-driven DAM foundation to create, distribute, manage, govern and track digital content.

  • Ensure information security

    Organizations use and process growing data volumes. Storing unstructured data and information stored in native or unmanaged repositories creates risk. Leverage a cloud solution with always up-to-date, continuous hygiene to optimize data security and compliance.

  • Keep systems up to date

    Legacy systems require ongoing maintenance. This constant cycle of upgrades, migrations and custom development uses up valuable IT resources and creates business risk. Simplify system updates to save time and reduce risk.

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How to modernize

Continue the journey to modernization by exploring solutions, products and approaches that unlock innovation and improve operational agility.


OpenText offers a choice of solutions and products to enable data driven marketing:


OpenText offers a choice of products to upgrade or add data-driven capabilities:

Modernization approaches

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